Using our Stream Targets function on the RTMP Control Panel, you can easily publish your live streaming services to a range of social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, or a number of other social media. To activate this feature, simply contact our customer support team by opening a support ticket. Once enabled, you can expect your stream to be connected to YouTube or your select social media within a few hours.

The setup process is user-friendly. Our customer support will configure your stream to target YouTube. As shown in the image below. A key benefit of our system is its capability to simultaneously stream to multiple platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube, from a single broadcast through our RTMP Server. This means you can reach audiences across various social media channels all at once.

Login to the RTMP control Panel, and Enable Youtube Stream Target under the configuration tab >> Wowza Stream Engine >> Stream Target
rtmp to youtube live streaming

Save & Restart the service to apply the changes.
Open Stream Targets

on youtube when you try to start live streaming they have to enable your live streaming, but you will need to be confirmed by phone, and then it takes 24 hours to activation.

You will need to enter the Server URL and Stream Key from

Select Streaming to software

now they will give you a rtmp and a key, copy this to the rtmp control panel

Enter a name for your target, select Youtube, and then Save Stream Target.

Save Stream Target
Press Reconnect