RTMP Server

RTMP is ideal if you require low latency, although, in recent years it has become outdated and lacks support from some browsers and devices, as it is based on Flash Player.

Despite these disadvantages, it is ideal to use RTMP as a transport stream, and that is what we use. Our RTMP server connects to the customer, who then, using an encoder, sends it to our server. It is then transcoded into other formats such as HLS, which can be distributed anywhere, but there is a latency of 20-25 seconds delay on live streaming.  For this reason, it cannot be used for video chats.

On our customers’ RTMP Control Panel, a number of HTML5 Players provide codes to add to our customers’ sites.

rtmp server


RTMP Server Prices



Let us know if you need a customized RTMP server package. We are ready to help you find the solution that best fits your needs. Contact us.

RTMP Server With Wowza Streaming Engine at its Core


Using the reliable and low-latency RTMP to ingest to the server, which then streams with HLS on HTML5 Players, allowing you to broadcast live or video on-demand streams to any kind of device or social media platform.

Wowza Live streaming software is the choice Media Server for over 24K organizations.

We are proud to partner with Wowza to offer a reliable and stable RTMP Server.

About Us

RTMP Server is a Division of Hosting Marketers. We are passionate about live streaming and Video Streaming, and since 2005, we have offered Red5 on our shared hosting servers for Live video chats, and FFmpeg for YouTube-type websites. With RTMP, we provide real-time communication technology solutions and services through the best Media server available, the renowned Wowza live streaming software. Our goal is to empower web developers to easily and seamlessly integrate audio, video, and data streaming into their websites.

 We also offer custom plans to our customers, and with our 10 Gbps servers, we can stream live events with a very low latency, and up to 8K viewers on a single server.


HTML5 Demo Player with HLS URL